Vision is key !

Our philosophy

Founded in 2010 with the desire to provide bespoke advices and support for creative industrial projects, our studio has forged its expertise in the automotive design industry, where precision and perfectionism are key. We apply this philosophy to other fields and bring together all the skills…
The studio brings together all the skills to oversee an entire concept and assure its consistancy from the first drawing to the final advert.

It always starts with a sketch.

This is the most important thing.
What is your need ?
What story do you want to tell ?

Bespoke support for industrial creation.

The challenge is always to stay faithful to the main idea through the industrial process without damaging it. Sometimes you have to do compromise (packages, budget, time) but you always have to make sure your final product remains loyal to your original idea.

Oversee the entire concept.

Would you use a beautiful but non-ergonomic product ? Would you enjoy using a well-engineered product without any care for its look ? Everything matters, function and form are the two essential components of any product and are equally important to bring a successful answer.

Bring together all the skills.

No outsourcing, everything is done in house and we only enroll specialists who have proven their experiences.

Consistancy all the way through.

Product are often meant to be used not only on their own but in conjuction with an existing line up, in different environnements or by different people. Always keeping the global vision in mind, the product will make sense...