Grand Paris.

Currently the biggest construction site in Europe.

The ’Grand Paris’ project is a huge urbanism project, transforming Paris into a real 21st century metropolis with broader transportation networks and sustainable infrastructures for a higher quality of life. Part of this transportation transformation is 4 brand new automatic subway for a total of 150 miles of new underground lines.

Public vote

"Design for the people"

3 different Themes were produced and submitted to a public vote.

Passenger experience

Thanks to the 3 large doors on each side and the panoramic driverless cockpit, flow managment and visibility have been dramaticaly increased.


Each car will provide USB charging points and indoor WIFI-4G network.

Key Sketch

vs Final CAD

Scale models

You can have a look at the real models at : La Fadrique du métro, Parc des Docks Travées E et F, 50 Rue Ardoin bâtiment 563, 93400 Saint-Ouen.

La Fabrique du Métro

2500 m² showroom with 2 floors to discover the Grand Paris Express project.

The small theather

Videos, talks and interactive media.

A living exhibition

The exhibition displays production techniques and collaborative spaces which will evolve all along the construction untill 2030.