Delannoy Dewailly


A century-old company

Delannoy-Dewailly is a climatic engineering company based in the north of France, that recently turned hundred years old. For over 10 years, they have been trusting us for most of their communication work. Creativity must not stop and everything has to be consistent within the existing eco-system.


The first step of a rebranding starts in most cases with a logo. Simple, timeless, and easy to adapt, we believe these are three important ingredients for a sucessfull one.


We choose to adopt a simple graphic aethetics for the website : some nice visuels and some texts. Straight to the important informations to make it clear and efficient.

Full responsive design.

Adaptability is key when it comes to web design. It has to work perfectly on every platform, big screens, small screens and everything in between.


The latest additions to the family are a magazine and two types of booklet for the external and internal communication.

Photos & videos

It sometimes happens that big brands’ corporate photography and videography gets a bit bland. Delannoy-Dewailly being a relatively small in their field and an open-minded company, was willing to bring some modernity and freshness to their communication. We brought all the successfull ingredients of traditionnal photography and video to make it corporate yet sexy.

Fleet vehicle livery