Land rover

Car design

New Range Rover Evoque

Replacing an icon.

The first Evoque was a successfull product, opening a whole new category in the Land Rover line-up.


When came the time to replace it, the already established DNA has to be kept. Short rear overhang, long front overhang, rising beltline, muscular shoulders and the floating roofilne contribute to the charisma of this car.

From Sketch to Reality

Early photorealistic 3D sketches.

The ability to quickly transpose 2D shapes into mathematical volumes in few hours is a strong asset in the design development. Here is a 2 weeks work from sketch to render, blocking the key volumes with simple graphics to capture the essence of the drawings.

Hybrid technics

The design process is considerably faster with this quick images (half 3D / half sketch). They solve drawing interpretation and they still keep a very emotional touch.

JLR design studio in Gaydon, UK

Here right from left: Massimo Frascella, Land Rover Design Director; Jez Waterman, Chief Designer Exteriors; Christophe Soulami, Senior Exterior Designer; James Watkins, Exterior Design Manager.

In the photo far right, from the left: Jez Waterman, Rob Harden, Massimo Frascella, Julian Wiltshire, Neil Caudwell.

Clay Design Reviews

Many months working on the model are always necessary to refine lines and surfaces to cover hard points while keeping the theme.

Stance is everything !