Meeting app

Want to meet someone, for good ?

Most meeting app are based on the way people look.
We decided to create an app with a different principle, conversation brain to brain, rather than body to body, at least at the beginning.

Who are you ?

For your official ID, the answer would include nationality, name, height and adress. But when it comes to meeting people, does it really matter ? Of course, during the talk, you can be free to ask all those informations if they matter to you, but we chose not to define you with.


Three menus only to make it simple, once you are logged in, you can update your photo, you set up your search, and you can of course chat with other human beings.

A thousand words is worth a picture ?

You’ll want to see the person but wait, if you do it straightaway, whether you want it or not whether it’s positive or not, some physical judgement will be made. We believe starting the conversation blind is starting the conversation differently, and perhaps ending it differently as well ?

5 max.

We decided, as a starting point, to set up the maximum simultaneous blurred talks to 5. Less people, more quality talking.

Goal ahead.

Profil picture as the background to constantly remind you how close you are to finally see the person of your life. Or not.

No connexion ?
Try again.

You tried to connect with someone but it did not really ?
Fine, you can simply delete that one conversation and search for another person.

Real connection ?
Real connection !

Once you've met someone worth persuing with, chances are you'll take it to the next level and meet the person in the real life, Maky and his partners propose you activities.

Funny ways to speed it up.

If you're a traditionnal soul, you can just take your time, but if your curiosity is too strong, we'll come up to you with some games and funny ways to try to speed up the unblurring process.

So ?