Photographic Work


Turning a passion into
a professionnal strenght.

Taking photos and videos isn’t just pushing a button and recording things, it’s about having an eye, a vision, to share a story or an emotion. Here at Identiti, photography is for us a real passion, and we try to us it as a strenght in various projects.

Everyday tool.

Photography is an Everyday tool,used by billions. Taking picture of daily things, walks, moments, whether you're home or travelling abroad. Here is a UK series, country some of us lived in for a few years before heading back to France.


Another deep passion for us is cars, whether they're new of vintage, some of them gives emotions like few objects do. Photography is a way of capturing these. Here are some shots we did at the 2019 edition of Les Grandes Heures Automobiles at Linas-Monthlery track.


Products are as well an interesting subjects to take pictures of. Once again, all about sharing an atmosphere and emotions


Taking photos and videos isn't just about pushing a button and recording things, it's about sharing an emotion to make the viewer feel a bit of that emotion that triggered the will of taking that picture.


Friends, strangers, or through professionnal projects, taking photos of people is also challenging. Make it feel like the camera wasn't there at all.