Chef Alain Ducasse

The gastronomic experience

Gerard Jourdan x Alain ducasse

Born of the collaboration between Gérard Jourdan and Chef Alain Ducasse, this shiny refurbished 1950 Chevy truck concept mixes gastronomic experience with retro automotive passion. In 2007 we have been involved in this amazing journey in which the conception took 2 years at the Gerard Jourdan's body-workshop near Monte Carlo.

The pickup

The idea was to carry 6 people at the back with comfortable seats for exclusive culinary events on board and on location. Following a secret path through the nature in Provence, the truck will take you in a prairie overlooking the Margès mountains, where you will find a full Mediterranean table spreaded for you.

An handmade expertise

The whole conception was made by hand by some of the best craftsmen in France and Italy. The base car was totally took apart and built again following our new specifications.

6 Guests

A longitudinal layout was chosen to create a user-friendly zone. The bespoke comfortable leathered seats with sliding trays give a refined and precious feel. Note the hidden electric step in the bumper for a clean finish look when closed. The back-end was design with a "retro" style to blend nicely with its time.


Dive in 2 years of hard work...

T shape

The existing chassis has been reinforced with aluminuim panels which also create the main structure for the seats.


Our famous Italian sheet metal worker in action. Before joining us, Giuseppe worked many years at Pininfarina in ITALY.


Aluminium welding is extremly difficult. Only few people in the world are capable of doing a clean and precise job.


To support the butterfly doors we developed specific 3D miled aluminium hinges.


The use of wood was as important as the metal in this project. From the seat structures to the flamboyant floor, the wood was the perfect pick to maintain the heritage of the car.


The art of upholstery

Carefelly curated leathers were used for a specific outdoor use. Luxurious Crystal glasses and Porcelain plates were made by Baccarat specially for this project. The tableware is stored in the case between the cabin and the back fender.

Final model

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