The ultimate luxury.

Created in 2012 by our studio, the Initiale Vision was to propose the ultimate luxury experience wherever you are. A range of moving vehicles assiociated with bespoke services for a super high-end level of exclusivity. Here is a glimp of what the "ON ROAD" version could look like.

Our take on redefining Initiale.

The automotive industry is an endless war between manufacturers to remain fresh and innovative. Cars remain emotionnal products and their aesthetics play a huge part into the connexion you'll have or not with them.

Renault, renowned for pushing creativity generation after generation, through concept-cars or production models, is always an inspiring playground.

Here is our take on a hypothetical future Renault luxurious brand.

Classic proportions

If you ask car enthusiasts what is the most beautiful car ever made, chances are they will name a front engine, long-hooded and well balanced car. Seeking for visual emotion, we choose this traditionnal package recipe and try to give it a modern twist.

Cockpit + skin

Our final theme for the concept was to have a slick dark cockpit encapsulated with sculptural metal skin panels.

2D to 3D.

Car design always goes from 2D to 3D and the challenge is to carry the emotion of the sketch into the real object. On top of that, cars being moving objects, static images sometimes do not show the full experience of how the real object feels. Video and dynamic footage will definitely bring life to it.


The chemical reaction.

Just like a fragrance on the skin, one single drop is enough to start a chemical reaction, turning the Renault logo into the brand « INITIALE » and finally giving birth to the car.

Mobile App

Bespoke services.

The concept of luxury only makes sens if you have access to it wherever you are and at any time. The design reflection also encompass a full integrated app that supports concierge services and exclusive experiences in addition of a complete car settings control panel.